Branding BC’s top
social-profit organization

From 2011 to 2016, I was the lead creative at the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. During my time there I helped consult, strategize, design and produce over 1,300 communication projects ranging from identity development, publication design, digital & web assets, environmental graphics and vehicle livery. Every project was based on establishing well-defined objectives, knowing the target audience, identifying the immediate communication function and ensuring consistency to the overall brand language. As an in-house resource, my relationships with internal stakeholders was one of strategic partnerships which cultivated an environment of collaboration, trust and engagement. In my five years with the organization, the Foundation saw growth in fundraising revenue by 10% and an increase of 12.5% in overall revenue. The BC Children’s Hospital brand is consistently rated as one of the top most trusted and appealing brands in BC. The experience provided me with valuable insight on the nature of non-profit branding and the unique dynamics and challenges of managing an in-house creative department.

Please see below for a select sampling of projects that I’ve worked on.