Nurturing the donor cycle

A large communication task of the Foundation is to report back to financial donors in the form of impact reports. These critical documents help individuals and organizations stay engaged with the cause and allows them to see the impact their donations have on child health. Prior to my role as the lead creative, reports were often sent out as “information dumps” set up as Word documents that did not communicate the brand, encourage reading or function as an effective stewardship touchpoint. 

My solution was to transform the reports into publications that promoted reading through strong visuals, warm photography and clear & concise information hierarchies. The versatile new format established a basic grid and image system that allowed myself to efficiently and cost-effectively customize the reports by interpreting the content thoughtfully. The new reports were also designed to be flexible for production where they could either be printed in-house for short runs or sent out for print on longer runs without a perceivable difference in quality. Between 2013 and 2016 we had produced over twenty unique impact reports for multiple major gift donors. The response to the new reporting format was highly successful as it provided the philanthropy and donor relations teams a significant tool to re-engage donors with the hopes of cultivating new opportunities.

Impact Reports-1Impact Reports-1
Impact Reports-2Impact Reports-2
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