Jeans Day

Jeans Day is an annual fundraising event organized by BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. It is an effective grass-roots campaign that engages with schools, offices and retailers to help promote the BC Children’s Hospital brand. When I first tackled the project in 2012, one of the key design changes we implemented was the adoption of a recyclable button. Prior to this, the Foundation simply relied on pre-fabricated round metal buttons that were generic in shape and were not seen as “eco-friendly.” The program was seeing a decline in participation because of this perception. Working with a local supplier, I designed a method to achieve a custom jean pocket shape which helped differentiate and brand the event stronger. This also made the button recyclable due to the chip board substrate that we printed on. This was very well received by our stakeholders. The event consistently raises over $1.1 million each year; even more impressive is that buttons and pins are only sold for about six weeks leading up to Jeans Day in late April. Along with the button design, other collateral items designed included posters, lapel pins, hockey cards (the Vancouver Canucks are a key partner with this event), truck livery, web assets, contest cards and ancillary promotional items.